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August 2020

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  With COVID-19 still active it is not easy to report on our Emmanuel WMF meetings. We had to cancel our June and July gatherings. We were able to honor the graduating seniors, presenting quilts at a church service but unable to serve cake during coffee time.

The afternoon circle and the FBI groups are meeting again.

Visits to the Sunset Home and Gunderson Gardens are still restricted so our plans for an August meeting/program there are postponed. We continue to keep those residents and our other vulnerable friends and family in our prayers.

The National WMF day will be held on August 10 at the ARC in Osceola, WI. The AFLC website has details. The theme is “Victory in Jesus”.

We will pray that September will bring the Fall routine back for both churches and our schools. Hopefully, we can schedule something for Rally Day to show our appreciation to the Sunday school teachers. We must place our trust in God as He guides us through these challenging times.

  August 2020  
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