January 2020  
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The Sunday School Christmas program will be during the worship on Sunday December 22nd.  Practices will be held during all or part of Sunday School time (10:30 - 11:30) on December 1, 8, 15, and 22.

During these practice times, it would be awesome if Sunday School teachers could have some short lessons/activities available for their students as there may be breaks in the schedule. Parents, teachers, and other volunteers can also help the kids learn their parts during these practice times.

A note to parents and guardians of children in the program: As we did last year, a video of the program will be posted and publicly available at Emmanuel's vimeo website
(https://vimeo.com/emmanuelutheranaspelund/videos). This is the website where all worship services are posted. This will make it easy to share the event with friends and family who are not able to attend. If parents/guardians are concerned about this, they should contact Jared Trost, or any Council member.


Youth Ministry

OVERCOMERS  has started a new year and we are talking about VERY BIG MISTAKES that GODS PEOPLE made and what GOD did about them. We talked about Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, the Flood, Pharaoh, Aaron making a golden calf, and King Saul thinking he knew better than GOD.

We learned that GOD wants us to obey HIM and realize that HE is the only TRUE GOD. If people make a mistake GOD can forgive them if they repent and ask for forgiveness. HE has the plan in place - of a Savior - and HE loves us and wants to take people to heaven. HE knows best and HE is strongest and can do anything to help us. HE is stronger than any enemy.

We had the 10 Commandments for memory work, and that:

"If you love ME, you will keep My commandments" John 14:15

Faith in GOD is a matter of the heart - so if you let GOD in and treasure HIM your life will be changed:

"The good man out of the good treasure of his heart

brings forth what is good

and the evil man out of the evil treasure

brings forth what is evil" Luke 6:45

Thanksgiving is approaching.  Let us realize how many things GOD gives us and that HE cares for us. Let us be very thankful for all HIS love and gifts. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.       Jan Trost

Jan Trost, Director


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