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June 2020



Youth Ministry

     We have been learning alot about what it means to show you are a follower of Jesus and change your selfish ways into being full of Jesus' love. We had stories about religious leaders and Pharisees that are full of pride and think they are better than others because they obey laws and act righteous but they do not act out of love (and they can't keep all of Moses' Laws ...the Commandments anyway).

     We learned about the Pharisee and Tax collector, Ananias & Sapphira, Jonah, Samson, and the Rich Young Man. Some of these loved money more than God and didn't obey God. We learned that God is powerful and He wants us to tell the truth and stay faithful. We talked about being a good friend and keeping promises when talking about Johnathan and David. We gave each child $1 and let the kids have a chance to do and tell about how they can help someone else with the $1 and not spend it on themselves. We had lots of interesting stories. It is easy to say the right and good answerers but harder to actually do those things. We hope they will remember this little activity and do 'little acts of kindness' in their lives and share what God has given them.

     We were going to talk about Peter and the EASTER STORIES. Remember to keep your eyes on JESUS. He is the strongest.

There is no other name (than JESUS)

under heaven that has been given among men by

which we must be saved.

Acts 4:12

     While we are not meeting because of corona virus, we encourage you to read the Bible stories with your child and learn memory verses to keep JESUS in your heart. ALSO --- this is a great time to do your folder and say verses at home to earn Area 57 Cookies. I just bought about 100 more! ---soooo work hard --- these cookies are wonderful! (remember Overcomer Banquet is planned for May 6)

     Thank Jesus for His great love for us and HAPPY EASTER to all!  *****************************************

Jan Trost, Director


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